Snagfilms 7500 Watch Movie

Actors: Carlo Kitzlinger

Directors: Patrick Vollrath

audience score: 6511 Votes

Genres: Thriller

runtime: 93 Minute

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Your telling me captive terrorist couldn’t defend against a tighted up terrorist thats been beaten. Joseph Gordon went from decent actor to amateur hour at the Apolo, the narrative to the story was crap! 💩💩the directing was below mediocre I didn’t like nothing about this movie, having these people rate this a 5 out of 10 is beyond me. obviously they can’t tell from a horrible movie to a decent flick… worst performance in Gordon ive seen since 50/50 can we say stinklerrrr👃.

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The pilot be like, Hey hijackers, we are going to emergency land in 12 minutes. Now you can start killing the passengers. One star because there is no negative star option.
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The movie is only story of high jacking a plane and we can this drama only at pilot’s cockpit till the end. and nothing. Start at there and ends there. Wow studio no needs for outdoor shooting even any other set. This makes movie boring. However acting by Josef Gordon Levitt is good. Another plus point is that you can definitely will be familiar with pilots conditions and various parts of his cabins. Also you can learn about how to contact a pilot to ground and vice versa. You can watch this movie only for this point as there is no thrill or suspense round the 1.30 hours.

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