Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer gets the prize for knowing what she wanted to do in high school and then ultimately accomplishing it in

Jennifer’s story is about perseverance, working with the opportunities at hand, overcoming obstacles and setbacks to finally rediscover herself in her current role which is distinctly her niche.  And that is success!   All the book smarts in the world will not produce the ability to persevere and be diligent.   These are acts of will which she has demonstrated throughout her career and had landed her where she is today – riding a good wave.

After working for corporate for years another line item budget cut left her unemployed.  Having to figure out what’s next she decided to become a personal shopper and fashion consultant.   Setting the foundation of a new business, Jennifer essentially taught herself and figured out everything needed to launch A Sharped Dressed Man.   Through the difficulties of her career she became diligent, persistent, and a host of other qualities that prepared her for A Sharped Dressed Man.

“Seven seconds is all you have to make a good first impression” so the first part of the interview is about mens fashion where she give valuable advice.  Her advice should be a required college course because nobody cares how smart you are but your appearance can make a significant difference in making a good impression.


ZZ Top – A Sharped Dress Man 

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