This is a guide to how this site works and how to get the most of it.  The content on the side is audio interviews and a blog.  The point of the content is to illustrate the reality about school and work in direct contrast to the lies and myths promoted about each in our (US) society.  The blog or articles take a more critical and direct approach in conveying the flaws of the current school narrative.   The audio interviews illustrate how professionals made it or making it in work.  They provide the evidence and inspiration of the reality of what it takes to succeed.

Granted, some of the interviews are long but for very good reason.  The point of the interviews is to communicate each person’s story to inspire and share their insight and demonstrate what it really takes to make it.  Hearing peoples stories how they made life work is illuminating and inspiring. But in order to get that it is necessary to know the people first.

If I were to take out the advice or insight they share and just write it down or just play the 20 second clip it would be meaningless.  To develop enough trust and believe an interviewee’s insight and wisdom takes time and there are no shortcuts.