Christina Davies


Shortly after starting her first career, Christina walked away from a high paying and highly unsatisfying job in technology to care for AIDs orphans in the slums of Nairobi Kenya. After a mugging followed by some miraculous events she landed back in Boulder Colorado to start all over again trying out different jobs till settling on being a real estate agent.  Besides inventing Boulder Bones, an energy bar for dogs who train with athletes, writing a book Own It! Live It! a guide for women and real estate, Christina as the President of the Boulder Area Association of Realtor pitches concerns to congressmen and senators.

A straight A student in high school and college her one regret was spending so much time studying, because as she discovered later grades don’t matter.  No one cares how smart you are in the real world.

Her career choices serve as a good example of doing what she what to do and not doing what she didn’t want.  Seems simple, but that takes courage which few posses and we are taught the opposite in school.  We are taught to know everything up front then put down the right answer at the right time (a mental exercise).  In real life though we only know a one out of a hundred answers and have to figure out the questions too.  With a vision and little else we find the courage or faith or trust (a heart exercise) to follow our desire.



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