Christina Davies


Shortly after starting her first career, Christina walked away from a high paying and highly unsatisfying job in technology to care for AIDs orphans in the slums of Nairobi Kenya. After a mugging followed by some miraculous events she landed back in Boulder Colorado to start all over again trying out different jobs till settling on being a real estate agent.  Besides inventing Boulder Bones, an energy bar for dogs who train with athletes, writing a book Own It! Live It! a guide for women and real estate, Christina as the President of the Boulder Area Association of Realtor pitches concerns to congressmen and senators.

A straight A student in high school and college her one regret was spending so much time studying, because as she discovered later grades don’t matter.  No one cares how smart you are in the real world.

Her career choices serve as a good example of doing what she what to do and not doing what she didn’t want.  Seems simple, but that takes courage which few posses and we are taught the opposite in school.  We are taught to know everything up front then put down the right answer at the right time (a mental exercise).  In real life though we only know a one out of a hundred answers and have to figure out the questions too.  With a vision and little else we find the courage or faith or trust (a heart exercise) to follow our desire.



Rony Beauduy

Knowing no English Rony was discarded in junior high and left to defend himself in the south side of Chicago.  His incredible story shows how he made his career learning from the work he did.  After walking away from a high level position at Nordstroms he later discovered that they hired four people to replace him!  A great testimony to his hard work.  He has some of the best advice I’ve heard since the last interview.

Rony now runs


Jack Hardy – Willie Goggin’s Hat




Rick started working fifteen days after receiving his geology degree managing apartment buildings.  3o years later and now he is managing 700 units for is own business. Rick describes the circumstances that helped him start his own business and why so many are unable to do that.  It would be wise to listen to Rick’s portrayal of the work and lifestyle involved in running a small business.

Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer gets the prize for knowing what she wanted to do in high school and then ultimately accomplishing it in

Jennifer’s story is about perseverance, working with the opportunities at hand, overcoming obstacles and setbacks to finally rediscover herself in her current role which is distinctly her niche.  And that is success!   All the book smarts in the world will not produce the ability to persevere and be diligent.   These are acts of will which she has demonstrated throughout her career and had landed her where she is today – riding a good wave.

After working for corporate for years another line item budget cut left her unemployed.  Having to figure out what’s next she decided to become a personal shopper and fashion consultant.   Setting the foundation of a new business, Jennifer essentially taught herself and figured out everything needed to launch A Sharped Dressed Man.   Through the difficulties of her career she became diligent, persistent, and a host of other qualities that prepared her for A Sharped Dressed Man.

“Seven seconds is all you have to make a good first impression” so the first part of the interview is about mens fashion where she give valuable advice.  Her advice should be a required college course because nobody cares how smart you are but your appearance can make a significant difference in making a good impression.


ZZ Top – A Sharped Dress Man 

Matt Mead



Matt’s journey crystalizes the transition every student needs to make to be successful. That point where motivation transitions from eternal to internal.  When “have to” work or study becomes “want to” work or study.  That point is the beginning of the journey.  Sad to say many never get there, they are forever looking outward for direction and approval.

Matt found that internal motivation after high school through the encouragement of senior colleague at work.  He discovered the world of technology which led him throughout his career and now a CTO at .  In this interview, Matt articulates the benefit of college and attributes his success the skills learnt while working.

Sheela Prahlad



Sheela, now vice president of commercial banking, started an entry level position right out of high school and worked her way up to becoming a commercial loan office without a college degree.  To make a salary commensurate with her peers her employer required a degree even though it bought no benefit to her work.

She pursued a degree, made the salary, is now vice president of commercial banking, and a pleasure to work with.  Her story perfectly illustrates the separation between being proficient at your work and making money.   She played the game and jump through the hoops for corporate to get her degree to get a salary.  But that degree added nothing to her ability to do her job.

Bela Ghandi

Bela Ghandi of is another example of true success – making money using her unique talents.

She walked away from a promising corporate career at Arthur Anderson and is now ruling the world at her creation of Smart Dating Academy. Her willingness to do what it takes and be prepared for every situation serves as an example of the type of character needed to make it happen.    Although discovering her unique (and miraculous) talent happened in college it took about 18 years to bring it to fruition.

For all the effort placed on students about grades and school, a far more important decision with much greater consequence is never talked about – Marriage. Because who you marry will have a greater impact on your life than your career.  Bela’s has a unique and no nonsense approach to dating. Not the psychobabble that can be found anywhere but a thoughtful business approach to dating and making good decisions.  This conversation should be another required class for all college students.