Bela Ghandi

Bela Ghandi of is another example of true success – making money using her unique talents.

She walked away from a promising corporate career at Arthur Anderson and is now ruling the world at her creation of Smart Dating Academy. Her willingness to do what it takes and be prepared for every situation serves as an example of the type of character needed to make it happen.    Although discovering her unique (and miraculous) talent happened in college it took about 18 years to bring it to fruition.

For all the effort placed on students about grades and school, a far more important decision with much greater consequence is never talked about – Marriage. Because who you marry will have a greater impact on your life than your career.  Bela’s has a unique and no nonsense approach to dating. Not the psychobabble that can be found anywhere but a thoughtful business approach to dating and making good decisions.  This conversation should be another required class for all college students.


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